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All types of Hindu ceremonies, religious or spiritual needs can be performed at your convenience, please contact sharmaji
Chandrashekara Sharmaji hails from a very traditional hindu 
vedic priest family. After being initiated into the spiritual 
and vedic studies at a very young age, he gained excellent 
mastery over Vedas, Agamas through his invaluable training and 
practice with the famous vedic schools and Mutts. 

Sri Sharmaji has also been very fortunate to learn, and 
practice to perfection the Vedic rituals and Veda Parayanam 
from some of the most learned Vedic Scholars and Priests in 
India. He studied at Kanchikamakoti Veda Patasala, Bangalore, 

He served as priest in various places in southern and northern 

From past 20 years,  he is serving in the entire communities of 
North America inclusive of United States and Canada performing 
various functions, poojas, vedic rituals, and religious