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Hindu Vedic Priest
Hindu vedic services
Vedic Priest
5 am to 12 am

Hindu Priest Services

Available for all Hindu religious rituals, poojas and ceremonies

Pandit Srihari Kadambi

(Freelance Vedic Priest)

More than 23 years of Hindu religious experience in USA.

Well versed in vedas,puranas and puja shastra. Fluent in English,Hindi, Telugu,Tamil, Sanskrit and Kannada Languages.


• Vratas

• Namakaranam

• Wedding

• Havan/Homam

, Upanayanam

• Vedic and Stothra classes

• Sri Sathya Narayana Swamy Vratham

Provide services all around Texas & USA

Please contact to schedule any kind of pooja/homa services at your home/business. Consult Astrology & Horoscope Services.

Ph. No: 858 220 1281/ 517 944 1818