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The Gurdwara is easily accessible by public transport. Indicated below are the various bus-routes to the institution: Bus # 109 from Sullivan Station and Linden Square Bus # 105 from Sullivan Station and Malden Center Station Bus # 104 from Sullivan Station and Malden Center Station The Orange Line connects you to Sullivan Station. Gurdwara is about a mile away from Sullivan Station which is a good walk in nice weather. Walk on Route 99 towards Everett. If you need help with the directions, please contact us via email or the numbers provided in the Contact Us section.
Evening (06:00 PM to 07:00 PM):  Evening Diwan is scheduled as
06:00 PM 	Rehraas Sahib
06:30 PM 	Kirtan by Visiting Raagi Jatha
06:45 PM 	Anand Sahib, Ardas, hukamnama and Sukhasan


There is no daily morning program at the Gurdwara.

Weekly Program Details

On Fridays
06:30 PM:  Rehraas Sahib
07:00 PM:  Kirtan by Visiting Raagi Jatha
08:30 PM:  Langar

On Sundays
07:00 AM:  Parkash & Panj Banis
08:00 AM:  Asa Di Vaar
09:30 AM:  Sukhmani Sahib
11:00 AM:  Kirtan By Youth
12:00 PM:  Kirtan By Visting Raagi Jathaas
01:30 PM:  Samapati
02:00 PM:  Guru Ka Langar