Discover India in Chicago Change City
Sameer Manelkar
For more information on AMKA, its activities or events, feel 
free to email Sameer Manelkar  Although many of our members and 
events are based in Greater Chicago, we have members from Iowa, 
Michigan and central Indiana. We also encourage Amchis who have 
moved to this area recently to join our organization -- we can 
help ease your transition to the Midwest. For students and young 
professionals, we encourage your participation in the youth 
forum -- see Events and Youth section for more information.

Promote Konkani Heritage in the American Midwest.

It is our aspiration to keep alive and flourishing, our beloved 
language, our unique culture and our ancient traditions in the 
new environment we now live in. Konkanis have suffered a 
multitude of adversities over the centuries, and our ancestors 
have worked hard to adapt to these adversities to keep our 
traditions alive. They have succeeded, and it is our turn now to 
continue this success in this modest mid-western offshoot of the 
konkani community.

We have had the good fortune to be successful professionally in 
this great country. Now it is time for us make effort to 
preserve our cultural identity in this huge ocean of cultures in 
the USA. It is our obligation to do our part in upholding our 
traditions by teaching the younger generations and others about 
konkani and all things konkan.