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AVON beauty products at low prices!!! Avon Beauty Products cost a fraction of what you pay for other big brands. So if you want to try them, here is how it works; you can directly buy the products online at http://rdeshmukh.avonr...
Mary's child care (babysitting) 7323729196 Coloradosprings am an experienced child care for the past TWO years. I have also babysat for members of my friends and family. I am reliable, punctual, honest, fun, and friendly, most of all I love and am expe...
Suneetha Beauty Services 719-434-0383 colorado springs Make u gorgeous. Eyebrow threading ,Shehnaz facials,Haircuts........ Wanna look gorgeous then stepover to knock my door
SUNANDITA BEAUTY SERVICES 719-434-0383 coloradosprings U get such a nice service as u stick to my parlor. Threading ,waxing,haircuts,shehnaz facials. Wanna make urself to look gorgeous then step over to knock my door