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Uhaul Share from Austin to Dallas and back Austin ride share/car pool Updated:8/26/21 Hi All, I am looking for U-Haul sharing from Austin to Dallas and back to Austin. I am also ok for one way sharing also. I am also ok, if you just want to include your stuff and share. Thanks, Kalyan Sudhir A
ride share/car pool   Updated: 8/26/21
Uhaul sharing from Dallas to Austin on weekend ride share/car pool Updated:8/25/21 Moving my stuff from Dallas to Austin, TX this weekend (0829 and 0830).  Anyone wants to share the ride or include their stuff in the tuck?
ride share/car pool   Updated: 8/25/21
Looking for Nanny child care wanted Updated:7/23/21 Hello, we are looking for nanny to take care of our 4 month old from October 1. If interested nanny can stay with us in our home taking care of baby, we will provide the transportation charges and accommodation. 
child care wanted   Updated: 7/23/21