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TRADITION is described generally as opinions, beliefs, and customs that have been handed down. More specifically, in this context, tradition refers to what we have received from our ancestors, handed down from generation to generation, from parents to children like traditional attire, traditional food, traditional dances, traditional behaviour and courtesy towards others especially elders, traditional ceremonies etc.

RELIGION as obvious as this word is, religion can be a passive sterile factor in human life OR it could be an active way of life, a functional force of values of a dynamic factor affecting our daily lives, our every thought, our every word and our every deed. The emphasis is on understanding religion in order to add value to our religious practices. Every ritual one does, every mantra or prayer one chants, every sacrifice one offers, every festival one celebrates, every custom one observes, every service one performs ought to be done with knowledge of its inner significance and power. Thus, it is imperative that Religion is accompanied by an understanding of its practice – "religion with understanding" or "understanding religion". However, there should be humble pride in one’s religion and that pride should be with full honour and respect for all other religions as the source from which it originates is the infinite and inexhaustible one God.

ASPIRATION is a burning yearning to live by ideals and the desire for constant improvement in our lives. Parents, children, husbands, wives, students, teachers, employers, employees, citizens, leaders and others should all aspire to be the best they can in each field of duty or endeavour. The spirit is to aspire for the highest in every facet of life:-

To Live Beyond Mediocrity !
To Dare To Be Different !
To Dare To Be Divine !

CULTURE is an expression of disciplined development in the conduct of our body, mind and spirit in our daily lives. A spiritual master once expressed "the senses and the mind have to be controlled and regulated, so that man can win the battle of life, self-control is sense control and mind control. This is culture." A cultured personality is not necessarily judged by one’s tradition or heritage, but how one conducts oneself in one’s daily live, how one’s emotions and senses are controlled and channeled in a positive and progressive manner. Culture must be evident in our everyday life. A cultured personality is not necessarily judged by his appreciation or knowledge of the arts and sciences but by his conduct.