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250k+ 1st Yr - Entrepreneur Opportunity

Discover The "Shocking Truth" Why Franchisees & Business Owners Regret Buying Their Businesses! And
Why So Many Are Now Profiting From The "New Internet Business Model"!

Old Franchise & Traditional Business Model


  1. Invested $250,000-$2,500,000
  2. Five Years Until Profit
  3. 15% Profit or less
  4. 16 Hour Work Days As Owner
  5. $40k Yr Salary as Owner
  6. Teenage Employees
  1. Daily Inventory
  2. Expensive Rent
  3. Pricey Insurance
  4. More Taxes
  5. Less Freedom

New Internet Business Model

  1. Invested $2,500-$25,000
  2. Fifteen Days Until Profit
  3. 75% Profit or More
  4. 3 Hr Work Days As Owner
  5. $250k+ Yr Salary as Owner
  6. No Employees
  1. No Inventory
  2. No Rent
  3. No Insurance
  4. Less Taxes
  5. More Freedom

"The days of trading time for money as an owner or even as an employee
are over! The Internet has way to much leverage to ignore anymore!
Get to the 1.5 billion people online and change your thinking!"

Serious & Smart Owners Only!

"Generated Full Time Income By Working Part Time Within First 90 Days..."

Despite having very accomplished corporate careers between us, we have often seen good people let go in the name of consolidations and outsourcing, crushing people's spirits.

It didn't take us long to realize that if we didn't learn how to work for ourselves, we would always be in fear of losing our jobs. With this fully automated turnkey marketing system, we were able to generate an additonal six figure income working part time within our first 90 days.

Vishal & Shaila Bhatia, MN (Electrical Engineer & MBA Finance)

Best Day: $7,995*
May 30, 2008 10:08 PM

After four years, $400,000 of market testing, and MILLIONS of dollars in earnings, we have perfected the most powerful home based marketing system on the planet.

  • Selling, convincing, and explaining: ELIMINATED
  • Cold calling, selling to your friends and family: ELIMINATED
  • Mickey-Mouse home based businesses: NEVER AGAIN!
  • Multi-Level-Marketing: NEVER AGAIN!

Competitors are stunned and left scratching their heads as our proprietary Sales and Marketing System generates thousands of dollars a day for its members VIRTUALLY ON AUTOPILOT!

Former or Potential Serious & Smart Owners Only!

Find Out How You Can Make A Realistic $250K First Year Income Potential With The Most Powerful TURN KEY  Marketing System On The Planet!


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