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At home alternative
touch and glow
touch and glow
At home alternative
Hello everybody. I am a health & skin consultant. I provide 
solutions which are at home alternative to chemical 
peel, microdermabrasion, injectable fillers.

Why spend money in facials in salon when you can maintain your beauty at home!!!!

Say good bye to chemicals and embrace the organic and safe way for beautiful and glowing healthy skin.

We have EXCLUSIVE patented products for makeup and skin care.

Special all organic vitamins are available for skin and hair nourishment.

Services that are available :
Peel - $25 
Microdermabrasion - $20
Pedicure-$12 (with spa products)
Manicure-$12 (with spa products

Charge is waived if you buy the product.

We have special Age defying products and Vitamins for special people..
Products for mini face lift and sensitive skin are available..

Exciting news for health conscious people:

Health assessment is also done based on which nutritional needs are identified and remedies are suggested.

Weight loss programs with effective results is accompanied by genetic testing.

Call earlier to avail promotions.Group discounts available.