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baby sitting 314-453-9213 we will do baby sitting at CEDAR TRACE,MARYLAND HEIGHTS,part/full ASAP.(telugu only)
Samara Nasiri 314-599-6399 st. charles Hi there! I'm Samara, i am 17. . i speak, Farsi, urdu, ans pashtu. My mother has owned a childcare for 8 years so I do have much experience with ...
314-599-6399 st. charles
Navdeep 209-597-2493 Kansas city Hi, My Name is Navdeep Sidhu. I  am north Indian. I am RN from India. And I know to take care of kids. If anyone interested in me, just contac...
209-597-2493 Kansas city
baby sitting 314-256-9944 st.louis Hi,my name is lakshmi.I do babysitting from mon-fri .I live in university city ,st.louis.If anyone of you are interested please contact me at 3...
314-256-9944 st.louis
Nanny /full or part time & house cleaning 3148531586 Hi my name is hannah . I am well experanced loving . On the top of that I am a mother of one.I did work a lot of indian familes from infant to ...
We are respected family looking for a nanny who could baby sit our 18 month old son at our home in Fenton and also help in cooking. Good Salary...
nanny/child care 734-578-4913 crevecour Looking for an indian nanny as soon as possible starting from july 1st to take care of 18 month old daughter
734-578-4913 crevecour
Babysitting in creve coeur creve coeur if you need experienced babysitter ,here I do babysitting at my apartment(mon-fri)of any age,if you are interested ,please call me.
baby sitter in camden cross creek I do babysitting at my apartment monday -friday,if anyone interested please call me.
Mrs K 314-757-4745 Chesterfied Looking for a in house nanny to care for my newborn. I am her by myself and delivering my baby in 2 weeks. Need someone who can stay at my house, do light housekeeping if needed and help me ...
314-757-4745 Chesterfied
fun for kids for Summer 2009 iam starting summer class for kids in woodhollow. i will teach all subjects,painting,drawing,handcrafts,interior decoration etc.summer special for kids.if interested please call me for more deta...
254413410 Ofallon
Day Care at Bonhome Apt 314 480 6461 I am doing day care in my home.Right now one of my day care baby is going to india for good.if any one int., let me know.we located in Bonhome apt.,63132.i can speak eng,telugu&Hindhi.
314 480 6461  
babysitting in st charlescounty charlescounty i am an experienced babysitter .i can provide healthy and playful environment.we have our own backyard play equipment.
Baby Sitting at our Residence 314-941-5660 Indian Baby Sitter in St.Louis. Experience Baby Sitter available at our Residence at Clayton Rd, Day and Night. $125.00 per week per child. Contact Geeta.
Babysitting Hi,i will do daycare for babies any time any day including weekends,i spoke english,hindi,telugu.i have individual home with lots of toys&place for kids,located in Edwardsville,anybody need dayc...
Baby Sitting Services in cedar trace 314-594-0379 Indian Baby Sitting Services in cedar trace
Baby Sitting 314-275-2234 St Louis Hi, I am a stay at home mom and have a 20 months old son. I would love to take care of your precious little one while you are away. I am located at Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur. If you are interested pl...
314-275-2234 St Louis
Your angel my responsibility 314-569-3236 I am a mom & baby sitter can baby sit urkid at my home it is neat lots of toys& child proof So drop them w/o worries & pick with happy face can drive pick/drop ur kid to school. so need somethin...
Babysitter in St Peters I will do baby sitting in st peters, any one need help contact me. thanks. THank You
DayCare 314 480 6461 Iam doing day care in my home.we r located in bonnhome apt.,i can speak Telugu,Hindhi and English.if anybody interested via email or on phone. THank You
314 480 6461  
Babysitter, West County Area Babysitter available in West County Area
Lisa's Learning Land 314-280-9784 St. Louis High quality child care while you work or relax. Specializes in weekend care for all ages!. Loving mother has openings for quality in home care to children near Telegraph and Reavis Barracks Ro...
314-280-9784 St. Louis
Sudhir 314-583-0875 St Louis Wanted In home Baby Sitter on Weekdays . Need a In home Baby Sitter on Weekdays for 4 hrs/day.
314-583-0875 St Louis