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Arya Samaj St. Louis/ Metro
Teaching Ved Mantras, Ancient Hindu Religion
Preachings of Vedic Culture and Indian Heritage
People interested in Arya Samaj Vedic Havan/Yajna once/twice a
month may contact. 30+ years experience in Vedic Havan/Yajna &
organizing Vedic Satsang. Free services offered for Arya Samaj.
Expert knowledge for performing all SANSKARAS and elucidating
their significance.
Inculcating Indian ancient culture and principles of Vedic
philosophy/heritage to younger generations and lead a care free
and happy life with good religious practices.
Learn about Gayatri Mahamantra and other important Ved Mantras.
Expert in translating/interpreting/narrating texts from Sanskrit
to English, Hindi and Punjabi and back to English. 
770 363 3830