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Vedic Hindu Purohit
Expert in Vedas, Upnishids and Hindu scriptures
Vedic Havan/Yajna & Sanskaras with Ved Mantras
Chestrfield MO 63017   [Map]   [Directions]
Vedic Hindu Purohit with 30+ years experience available
in St. Louis/Metros for performing VEDIC
HAVAN/YAJNA/POOJA/HOMA,Gayatri/ Mahamrituanjay Havan & all
VEDIC SANSAKARAS on all auspicious occasions/Ceremonies/ Rituals
like Birth day/ Marriage Anniversaries/Nam Karan/ Mundan/ Grih
pravesh/ VastuPujanam/ Shanti Yajna etc. for getting the
blessings of the Supreme GOD. 
Experienced preacher of Ved Mantras, Ramayana, Srimad Bhagwat
Geeta and other scriptures of Hindu religion.
Expert knowledge of explaining the ceremonies/Vedic texts from
Sanskrit/Hindi to English and vice versa.
Specialized expertize in translating/interpreting/narrating the
texts in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit. Also knowledge of
world religions. 
Contact: 314 698 7992