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H1B Sponsorship and Full time/Contract roles Software / QA / DBA Farmington hills Updated:1/31/23 Hey there! Hope you're doing well Greetings from Krsna, Kosma-Tech Inc. If you are looking for H1B sponsorship", we are ready to assist you in fulfilling your dreams of getting an H1B visa and maintaining your legal visa status in the USA.
Software / QA / DBA Farmington hills Updated: 1/31/23
Jobs/Training in IT Software / QA / DBA Updated:1/31/23
Looking for Jobs/ Training If you are looking for training and job placement in IT Industry or if you don't have any prior IT-related background. We are starting multiple trainings and Job placements like Business Analyst, Scrum Master, and 
Software / QA / DBA   Updated: 1/31/23
Any part time Want a job Updated:12/31/22
Want a job   Updated: 12/31/22