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RAJJOT SUNNYVALE OPEN TILL 10:00 PM .. This is a really good indian restaurant - the prices are economical and the food tastes great! Try it out - they also sell a large variety of snacks and sweets
408-737-2323 Sunnyvale
New Delhi Restaurant (415) 397-8470 San Francisco Indian Restaurant in San Francisco, CA. Best North Indian Food in San Francisco,Bay Area.
(415) 397-8470 San Francisco
Little India Restaurant 650 361-8737 Redwood City 11am - 2pm Monday - Friday, 5pm - 9pm Monday - Saturday .
650 361-8737 Redwood City
Khyber India Restaurant 415-3694522 Redwood City Indian Restaurant in California.
415-3694522 Redwood City
510-794-8400 Fremont
(408) 929-5117 San Jose
LUCKY Vegetarian indian restaurant SUNNYVALE A great indian restaurant - food is cheap and tasty!!! On El Camino ( opposite U Haul)
UDIPI PALACE 408-830-9600 SUNNYVALE ALL INDIAN VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT Hours: Mo-Fr 11:30a-2:30p,5:30p-10p; Sa-Su 11:30a- 2:30p,5:30p-9:30p (if busy, else until 10p)
408-830-9600 SUNNYVALE
Komala Vilas 408-733-7400 Sunnyvale All vegetarian Indian restaurant
408-733-7400 Sunnyvale