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PCI - Peoject Manager - Azure Implementation
Software / QA / DBA
Professional Consulting, Inc

Role : Project Manager - Azure Implementation - Direct Client
Local to MN Preferred

Job Description:


  • 4 years' experience in performing IT project management functions
  • Experience reporting on project activities during all phases of the project lifecycle
  • Experience managing all aspects of the design, development, and implementation of IT projects.
  • Experience with managing MS Azure solutions
  • Experience with integrating with legacy systems
  • Experience with managing MS Azure database and API solutions

Sample Tasks

  • Oversee the successful execution of Azure-based projects from inception to completion.
  • Plan, estimate, coordinate, and monitor project activities, ensuring adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality standards.
  • Facilitate communication between cross-functional teams, provide regular updates to stakeholders, and mitigate risks to ensure the successful delivery of projects aligned with the Replacement project.
  • Provide knowledge transfer