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Rice & Spices - Indian Groceries
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Desi Grocers San Diego
Indian Grocery Store in San Diego, CA
One stop Shop in Poway for Indian Groceries. You'll find the
widest selection of Ground Spices, Whole Spices, Beans, Lentils,
Appetizers, Snacks, Masalas, Pastes, Pickles, Sweets, Desserts
and much more. 
So what are you waiting for? Simply Visit our store. At Rice &
Spices, our goal is to provide quality fresh Grocery & Produce at
lowest price..We are committed to your total satisfaction and
trust you will enjoy your shopping experience. 

Customer Satisfaction 
We are committed to providing superior products and service to
our customers. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us
and we will make it right for you. If you find that you are
missing a product in our store, please contact us or you can
mention to our cashier at the counter. We promise, the product
you are searching for will be available before your next visit.