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Bombay Bazaar 858-566-2627 San Diego Indian groceries, Fresh Produce &Sweets, DVDs. Largest selection of Indian groceries & produce. Bombay Bazaar provides the largest selection of Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan products. The stor...
Rice & Spices - Indian Groceries (858) 486-2408 Poway
Indian Grocery Store in San Diego, CA. Desi Grocers San Diego. One stop Shop in Poway for Indian Groceries. You'll find the widest selection of Ground Spices, Whole Spices, Beans, Lentils, Appeti...
Ker-Little India (San Diego) 858-566-5522 San Diego The Largest Indian store in San Diego, CA!. Desi/Indian Grocery & attached Indian Restaurant. Indian supermarket with vegetarian restaurant. The Largest Indian store in California!