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DOR - Desi Online Reading Sat, Jul 11 Updated:6/21/20
Staying home is the best prevention for Covid-19! To combat the stress, we invite all who identify as women to get a 2 hour bi-weekly break to refresh your minds. Grab your favorite book in any form, in any language and join our Online Reading Sess
Sat, Jul 11   Updated: 6/21/20
The H1 Visa Ban: a Q & A Session Wed, Jul 15 Minneapolis Updated:7/8/20
Join us for a Q&A Session regarding the H1 Visa Ban with Immigration Attorney Satveer Chaudhary. Register Here Former Senator and award-winning NRI,  Satveer  Chaudhary is a licensed immigration attorney representing all
Wed, Jul 15 Minneapolis Updated: 7/8/20
Inner Engineering Total (Minneapolis, MN) Thu, Jul 30 Updated:3/1/20
We are excited to let you know that an Inner Engineering Total program has been scheduled in your city! Inner Engineering is a comprehensive system addressing every aspect of who we are from body, mind, emotions, to the fundamental life energy w
Thu, Jul 30   Updated: 3/1/20