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Travel companion 29th August msp to chicago travel companion Maplewood Updated:7/26/20 Looking for travel companion from msp to chicago. Travel on 29 will return on 30th of July. Going for receiving friend coming from india. Plz contact if any one interested. Number : 6513527746
travel companion Maplewood Updated: 7/26/20
Travelling to Delhi in Aug: Looking for Companion travel companion Hopkins Updated:7/23/20 Wanted to check, if there is anyone traveling to Delhi around 9th Aug ?, my mother in law is planning to travel to Delhi on 9th August and we are looking for a companion. We are yet to book the ticket and flexible on the exact date... 
travel companion Hopkins Updated: 7/23/20
Need Travel Companion in Aug from MSP to Bangalore travel companion Edina Updated:7/19/20 Hi, I’m looking for travel companion to my mother in law from MSP to Bangalore In the month of August She can walk and take care of herself and healthy and will also get her COVID checkup done before travel with 14days house Quarantine and she can
travel companion Edina Updated: 7/19/20
Anyone traveling to Des Moines? travel companion Updated:7/16/20 I don't drive. I'll like to go to Des Moines. I'll pay for gas.  Please text me at 4026174724. 
travel companion   Updated: 7/16/20
Travel Companion for my parents from MSP to HYD travel companion Eden Prairie Updated:7/16/20 Hi i am looking for travel companions for my parents from Minnesota to Hyderabad in sep or October. Tickets not booked yet.Please let me know if anyone travelling around that time.
travel companion Eden Prairie Updated: 7/16/20
Travel from MSP to Chennai travel companion Updated:7/9/20 Hi , i am planning to travel to India by August or September with my 4 year old son. Is anyone else planning to travel from Minnesota to Chennai, please let me know. I didn't book tickets still. Email me 
travel companion   Updated: 7/9/20
Looking for travel companion from MSP to Hyderabad travel companion Updated:7/5/20 Hello All we are looking for travel companion for my mother in law. She is traveling on august 28th from Minneapolis to Hyderabad India (Itinerary is Minneapolis - Boston - Dubai- Hyderabad) through Emirates airlines. We already booked tickets. Plea
travel companion   Updated: 7/5/20
Anyone traveling to New Jersey? travel companion Eagan Updated:7/1/20 I would like to go to New Jersey, but I dont drive and flights are risky. Anyone going there any time soon? I'll split the cost.  Please text me at 4026174724. 
travel companion Eagan Updated: 7/1/20