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Looking if someone traveling to Chicago-dec 14or15 travel companion Updated:10/24/20 I have to catch my flight from Chicago to India on dec 15,2020. Looking if someone is traveling to Chicago on dec 13 or dec 14 or dec 15, I need to reach chicago airport by 7am on dec 15,2020. Ready to pay for entire cost/expenses. Please contact m
travel companion   Updated: 10/24/20
Help needed travel companion Updated:10/22/20 Hello I need one medicine for my baby from india. Please let me know if anyone coming from india. It’s urgent. Please help me.
travel companion   Updated: 10/22/20
Looking for travel companion to Kansas on Nov 2nd travel companion Updated:10/22/20 Hello, I'm traveling to Kansas on Nov 2nd by taking car rental. If anyone is interested we could share the expenses. Also if you have any flexible dates or on the way drop-off location please let me know. Thank you. 
travel companion   Updated: 10/22/20
Travel Companion from Kerala to MN travel companion Updated:10/19/20 Hi, anyone planning to travel from Kerala, India to Minnesota during  November or December please let me know.  Looking for a travel companion for my wife and daughter. Call or text me at 612-423-5520
travel companion   Updated: 10/19/20
Travel companion to Chennai travel companion Edina Updated:10/2/20 Hi , anyone planning to go to Chennai , India during October or November please let me know. I’m with a 4 year kid . Looking forward to travel by October or November and come back by December to MN. Any one way if I get company I’m good.  Call
travel companion Edina Updated: 10/2/20
Vegas trip travel companion Updated:10/2/20 I have vacation time to use or loose by end of this year. Thinking of going to vegas for a week and drive around. Please let me know if anyone is in similar situation and want to plan travel.
travel companion   Updated: 10/2/20
Looking for 1 travel companion to Chicago travel companion Minneapolis Updated:10/2/20 I am moving to New york on oct 3, 9am. So looking for any one travel companion till Chicago or whatever place comes near I90East till New york.
travel companion Minneapolis Updated: 10/2/20
MPLS- Newark- Mumbai (United) on 24 Oct travel companion Updated:10/1/20 Travel companion needed for my mother travelling to Mumbai on 10/24.
travel companion   Updated: 10/1/20
Travel Companion travel companion Updated:9/17/20 Hi,  We are looking for travel companion from India(Chennai) to Minneapolis(or Chicago) for my Mom in the month of dec ,  around 2nd week. 
travel companion   Updated: 9/17/20
Delhi to US Travel Companion for my Mother travel companion Updated:9/13/20 Hi , We are looking for travel companion for my mother from Delhi to US (Preferably Minneapolis Or any other state will also work) Traveling during Dec end Or Jan'21. Thanks,
travel companion   Updated: 9/13/20