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Home babysitting / tutoring
Home babysitter/ tutoring


I am sowmya 29 years old and a mother of 4year old boy. I enjoy being around and playing with kids. So would love to help families during this covid time by offering home baby sitting/ tutoring.

I am located in eagan, 2bhk apartment with dedicated safe room for kids play / rest area. Currently I am looking to take not more than 1 family, max 3 kids( since it's not a licensed day care). So First come first served! [ will remove post if already full].

I can provide home cooked vegetarian food if no special diet restrictions. I request parents not to give junk or packed foods while at home. Kids will be involved in lot of activities and no or very less screen time(max 30mts). 

Would like to help families in and around eagan.(drop off by 8am, pickup before 6pm)

Occasional babysitter charges :(available in weekends or evenings)

$10 per child / $12 for 2 kids ( 1 hour)

For regular kids:(weekly or monthly payment)

$6 per child / $8 for 2 / $10 for 3 kids.(1 hour)

If interested please email with following details:

Contact detail:


No. Of kids:

kids age:

Timing required:

Thank you!