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Continental Cricket Club - Cricket League
Excellent league leve cricket opportunity
Continental Cricket Club
Sandeep - 612-770-1483
Hello People - Continental CC is a premier cricket club in 
Minnesota for the past 32 years.  We believe in promoting 
cricket talent among our community and students.  You will get 
to meet talented cricket organizers, team members, and friends 
who you will enjoy playing cricket with, as well as share other 
values - Professional Network, Mentoring, and Coaching.  We 
support our diverse student community as well as working 
professionals equally.  A to notch cricket organization, that 
will show case brilliant talent and performance.  Continental CC 
is Minnesota 2017 Champion in 40 Overs as well as T20.  Please 
reach out to Sandeep - Hirekerur@Gmail.Com as soon as you can.