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After school Program
BestBrainsApplevalley - offering "Speech League"
Hi All,
I am reaching out to all the parents today with Very Exciting News. Best Brains of Apple valley is offering Speech League class at our center to grades 1st 5th.

Speech League offer the following: Tiny Talkers, Tiny Talkers 2, Super Speakers, Super Speakers 2, Leading Lecturers, and Leading Lecturers 2.

The classes cover 8 speech types:
Sharing Friendship, Demonstrating/How To, Giving Information, Persuading, Entertaining, Giving Thanks, and Improvisation. No homework for the classes.

By placing your child in our Best Brains Speech League, will help build the self-confidences they need to stand up in front of a classroom and not break a sweat.
Your child will be able to visualize themselves speaking in front of their peers.

The most important part of the classes is while your child is building self-confidences in public speaking they be will have FUN also.
Speech League could put your child on the path of being our future leader, next super star, lawyer, or doctor, the sky is the limit.

The full 8 week course is $199.00 + a one-time $25 registration fee and is due up front. This comes to $99 a month or approximately $25 per class.

Speech League class Schedule
Thursday 2:00PM-4:00PM(Starting July 5th,2018)
Saturday 1:00PM-3:00PM(Starting  July 7th,2018)

Thank you !