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Specialized in Music Therapy
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The comfort of your own home. (ONLINE or IN-PERSON)

My journey as a pianist started when I was 4 years old. Music has been a therapeutic art for me as it calms, soothes, and revives one's imagination. Since then, I've grown this passion into a career. I started teaching private lessons in 2012. In the past eight years, I have taught piano to all ages and a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. I have used my teaching abilities in the role of a music therapist for children with special needs and have developed a music therapy curriculum for children with disabilities, improving their lives through music. Working in this setting provided me with playlists and resources specifically to help with children's mindfulness, anxiety and depression. Outside of teaching, I have done performances for both intimate gatherings and large weddings. Because I have over ten hours of music memorized, I am able to perform whenever requested. I also can fulfill requests on specific songs and pieces depending on the event.

What services do you offer?

Zoom Music, can provide you with live entertainment, basic music introduction, private lessons (ONLINE or IN PERSON) and group music sessions all from the comfort of your own home. My newest service of group music sessions, focused on children ages 1-14, can range anywhere from birthday parties to daycares. I will bring along instruments and provide educational entertainment. I have a wide range of experience teaching using a variety of methods and can curate new lessons based on individual needs. These lessons are a great addition to your child's life because classical music has been proven to have a great impact on children's quality of life. Studies show that it boosts their concentration and self-discipline. As the weather gets colder, Zoom Music is a great way to keep folks of all ages engaged and entertained. You can get the full music experience without leaving your house.

What about Covid-19?

Lastly, I want to ensure that your safety is our priority. Zoom Music follows the CDC Guidelines closely to prevent the spread of COVID-19.