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Business Advisory Services - BAS
BAS offers no cost limited hours consultation
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


BAS is a group of investors in twin cities, offering free consultations to first business owners or those planning to start or buy a business in Minnesota.

sCollectively we have over 35 years of business management. We offer advisory services in following areas for first time investors and first time business owners

Financial management Payroll State taxation Met council

BAS provides first time buyers consultation related to Forming Legal Entity, Structure of Entity related to tax purposes, How to maintain book of accounts, Analyzing monthly costs, Payroll, Employee Roles and Responsibilities based in type of business, Inventory Management, Existing business cash flow analysis, expired stock/inventory, depreciation assessment, debts, liabilities, Business Owners Insurance needs,

How this works:

1. We request our prospects to contact us via email

2. Anonymize your information that you are sharing with us

3. If you are on NDA, your business advisor, CPA, attorney needs to be added to it

4. Based on the type of questions / consultation needs, 30 to 60 minutes of telephonic conversation may be provided

5. This is completely voluntary service, only for first time business investor or owner