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Fit n Fab (Facebook group)
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Online talk/discussion on health and fitness

Fit n Fab helps Twin Cities' members collaborate on events and activities related to health and fitness. Members can post events, activities, and pictures about health and fitness, and may choose to invite other members to join. It could be information about the next 5K, an invite to a Volleyball game at a park, or a Bollywood dance workout or a Power Yoga session in your basement, we encourage anything and everything because working out is fun, working out with friends is funner!!

Do check our latest COVID discussion, online links and care....

Information on the internet about COVID-19 is overwhelming; unfortunately, we cannot tell how much of it is true or reliable. To address some of these concerns, I was able to reach out to a few Physicians in the twin cities who are actively working on COVID-19 prep work. Dr.Rajini Katipamula and Dr RT Gazula have graciously agreed to help our community with any questions we may have regarding Corona, especially questions about getting help locally here in the twin cities.

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