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Authentic Fresh Home Made Food North Indian and Andhra
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Specialized in North Indian ,( South)Andhra Food.
9am To 8pm
18166 glassfern lane

Delicous ! Home made Food

All the food items are freshly made after the order is placed. Available between 9am to 8pm 7days a week.


 We also do Daily/Weekly/Monthly Basis Lunch or Dinner Box/ Parties Order's

 Vegetarian Lunch Or Dinner Box 

Vegetarian Meal (includes): 4 Chapati/Pulaka, Veg Curry, Variety of Dal, and Variety of Rice.


Mini Samosa,Gobi Manchurian,Paneer Manchurian,Paneer Chilly,Paneer Katti Roll,Chicken Katti Roll,Egg Puff,Veg Puff,Onion Pakora,Cabbage Pakora,Spinach Pakoda,Methi pakoda,Plain Pakoda,Mix Dal Vada,Tandoori Chicken, Phoha, Upma,Dhokala,Gobi 65,Sabhudhana Vada,Mix Vegtetable Pokoda,Chilly Chicken.

         *Mumbai Special Chat 

Vada Pav,Pav Bhaji,Chole Bhatura,Bhel,Pani Puri,Dhai Batta Puri,Sev Bata Puri,Bhel,Misal Pav,Dabeli,                     

                                                 * Breakfast (Tiffins)

Thalipeeth,IDli,Mendu Vada,Bisibelebath, Pongal,Upma,poha,Kesari (Sira),Paratha ( Aloo/Spinach/Cabbage/Mooli/Methi,Plain)


*All batters and Curd are available prior 2 days notice.

32 oz Dosa Batter,Idli Batter,Uttapam Batter,Pesurattu Dosa Batter,Rava Dosa Batter,Chutney (Coconut,Peanut,Tomato) and Sambhar. ( All are avilable on 48 hr Notice )

32 oz Curd/Yogurt is available( 48 hr Notice )

  *Vegetarian Curry 16oz  or 32 oz or Half/ Full Tray 

Aloo Curry, Aloo Korma,Aloo Mutter Curry,Dry Aloo Bhaji,Aloo gOBI,Guttivankaya  (Stuff Egg Plant Andhra style  ), Bharali Vangi Curry ( Stuff Egg Plant Curry ),Bagara Baigan,Rajama  Masala Curry,Chole Masala,Kadi Paneer, Mutter Panner Curry, Paneer Tikka Masala, Lentil Curry ( Chavali/Mooga/mataki), Veg Kolapuri, Palak Paneer, Mirchi Ka Salan, Chana Masala, Cauliflower Mutter Curry,Masala Baingan, Baingan Curry, Mushroom Curry, Zunka,,Bottle Gourd (Soura kai ) Pulus,Aloo Gobi,Bendakaya Pulus,Bhendi Fry, Masala Bhendi,Kadi Pakoda Curry,Pata Vadai Curry,Cayote Curry,Kadi Pakoda Curry.Cabbage Fry,Tondakai Fry,Bean Carrot Fry,kakarakaya pulusu,Beetroot Kurma,Dondakai fry, Gutti dondakai,Bitter guard (Karela) Fry,Karela Pulus,Raw banana Curry,Banana plus.

            *Non Vegetarian Curry 16 oz or 32oz or Tray

*Chicken :- Spicy Chicken curry, Andhra Chicken Curry, Chittenadu Chicken Curry, Kadhi Chicken,Hyderabai Dum Ka Murga, Chicken Fry,Tambda Rassa Chicken Curry,Pandhra Rassa  Chicken Curry,Chicken Kurma,Chilly Chicken,Hariyali Chicken Curry,Butter Chicken Curry,Chicken Tikka Masala Curry, Achari Chicken,Spinach Chicken,Dhaba Style Chicken Curry,Chicken Korma.

*Fish :- Spicy Fish Curry ,Goan Style Fish Curry,Malvani Fish Curry,Fish Fry,Fish Pulus.

* Mutton :- Mutton Curry, Special Mutton Sukka, Paya Soup ( Goat Bone Soup ),Malavani Mutton Curry,Dhaba Style Mutton Curry,Gongura Mutton Curry ( seasonal ),Hariyali Mutton,Mutton Sarru,Mutton Nihari.

*Shrimp (Prawn ):- Shrimp Curry,Goan Style Shrimp Curry,Malavani Shrimp Curry,Shrimp Fry,Andhra style shrimp curry,Prawn Rasa,Shripm Kalavan Gray Curry.

*Lever Masala Curry,Spicy Kheema Curry,Kheema Balls Curry.

* Egg Curry,Egg Pulusu,Egg Buraji,Special Hyderabad Style Egg Curry.  


*Rice Specialties Tray

Vegetarian:-Vegetable Dum Briyani,Mutter Pulav,Vegetable Pulav, Masale Bhatt,  Ghee Rice, Lemon Rice, Tamarind Rice( Andhra and Karatnaka Style, Vangi Bhatt ( Brinajal Rice) , Tomatotoes Rice, Pongal, Curd Rice, bisibelabath Bath.Vegtable Fried Rice,,Soya paneer Briyani,Schewan Vegetable Fried Rice,Methi Bath,Siracha Fried Rice.

Non Vegetrian :- Chicken Dum Briyani (Hyderbadi Style),Chicken Pulav, Prawn (Shrimp ) Pulav,Prawn (Shrimp) Briyani (Hyderbadi Style),Mutton Dum Briyani (Hyderbad Style), Mutton Pulav, Egg Briyani,Egg Fried Rice,Fish Briyani,Kheema pulav.

*Dal 16oz or 32 oz or Tray

Dal Tadaka, Varan, Dal Fry,Dal Makhani, Massor Dal, Andhra Style(Tomato Dal, Spinach Dal, Dudhi(Anappakayya) Dal,Souraki dal), Cabbage Dal, Turai Dal, Sambar, Rasam ,Tomatote Amati,Amati.


Roti,Chapati,Komadi Vade,All kind of Paratha,Thepala,.Bhatura,Puri,Puran Poli

*Sweet 16oz or 32oz or Tray

Rava Keseri,Thin Semiya Payasama,Rava kheer,Rice Kheer.


We also take order for ONLY !!

Chapati/Roti/Thepala/Paratha in Bulk (if needed). 

Note !

I also cater for small parties & get togethers(up to 50 people).Half trays & full trays of food items are also available.
Large orders require 1 week notice period.
Small orders require 10 to 12 hr notice.( pick up only)
Please call /text me or email me for the prices.

If you are interested please email me at

Email ID - 

OR   Call/Message me at 857 991 9011.


**I Accept only Cash. No Checks or Credit Card please**

 Thanks !!!