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Homemade delicious Hyderabadi Chicken DumBiryani
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Chicken Dum Biryani made with fresh chicken.
8680 Marigold circle ,Eden prairie
Delicious Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani 
made with fresh 
chicken. We also can 
provide Half\Full  Tray 
Biryani for small/med gatherings.Please 
call me @6125629523. 
only when you satisfied with the Taste of 
Biriyani and 100 % 
refunds if you are not happy with the taste 
and quality.Full 
which can be served for 5-6 people .Half 
Tray Biriyani(30$) 
Which can be served 
for 2-3 people. Delicious Hyderabadi Style 
Mushroom curry also available ($25 for 
4servings). Brinjal 
Masala ($20 for 4- servings). Dals 
(Tomato/spinach/ridge guard 
any dals) - (30$ 
for 6 servings). Sambar  (25$ for 8 
servings). Tomato rice ( 
half tray - 30$). 
Cabbage  curry (20$ for 5 servings). 
Chicken curry (40$ for 6-8 
servings (whole 
chicken). Chutneys (Tomato/ Dosakai $15 
for 8 servings).Egg 
burgie with onions 
(20$ for 4 servings). Tomato brinjal (20$ 
for 4 servings). 
Tomato bendi (20$ for 4 
 servings). Rasam (25$ for 6 servings). 
Onion tomato with 
boiled egg ( 6 eggs-
for 4 servings).

Delicious Dry Fruit Ladoos(Fresh 
Dates+Kaju+Badam + Wall Nuts + 
Pista + Ghee) (20pieces 50$). Indian style 
Pasta, palak paneer, Mushroom Biriyani, 
Moongdaal  kichidi, Muruku, Butter milk 
muruku, Mysore paak, Ravva laddu,spicy 
Muramara, chawdava, Lemon rice, 
Tamarind rice,Nellore fish pulusu.

 All orders require 1 day notice.