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Indian fusion desserts by The Wooden Spoon Bakery
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Indian fusion desserts by The Wooden Spoon Bakery...Traditional favorites...with a modern twist!!!!!

Rasmalai Cake is all the rage now. But Indian Fusion Cakes are more than that.

The idea of combining any Indian sweet or flavour and turning it into a cake is just so delightful.

Luxury sweets made with international ingredients and infused with both local and global flavours define this new age concept of Indian desserts. 

Ras malai trifle with rosewater and cardamom cake topped with saffron, rose petals and pistachios, Carrot halva with spiced cream and raisins, Gulab jamun with saffron cream and pistachios...the options are endless! 

*Newest flavour addition: Chai tea latte 

We have also launched healthier, low sugar treats for you and your loved ones...

The craze for sugar loaded Indian sweets has waned for the millennia who is exploring for options that are healthy and sustainable. There has been an increase in demand for naturally sweetened and jaggery based healthy sweets that use whole grains, nuts and seeds and can be consumed guilt free.

The laddoos that we make use natural ingredients, whole wheat, and are sweetened with jaggery, palm sugar and dates. They are made in desi ghee and do not pack empty calories but are loaded with taste and nutrition. 

We specialize in sweets made with natural and organic ingredients. There are many unique options such as Walnut peda, Chocolate Chip Coconut Peda and Brown Sugar Besan Laddu, etc that are different from the common mithais that are available in the market.

Please contact us if you have questions about our products, prices or if you are looking for something specific to add to your desert menu options.  For your convenience, we provide free curbside pick up and delivery service. 

Ph: 763 328 5094