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too much salt in curry Updated:12/12/11 If you have put too much salt in your curry with gravy, make some wheat flour dough balls (small size) and put them in gravy for sometime and take them out, extra salt will be absorbed by dough balls. Hope you can enjoy that curry.
    Updated: 12/12/11
Easy Dusting Updated:11/30/11 Slip an old woolen sock over your hand, spray with polish, and run you hand over furniture to dust easily.
    Updated: 11/30/11
bathroom cleaning Updated:11/27/11 The best and environment free way to clean bath tub and wash basin is to use baking soda....easily available in your home and very cheap and no risk to get any bleach stains in floor as sometimes we keep the chemicals on floor and get bad blea
    Updated: 11/27/11
Chewing Gum Removal Updated:11/26/11 Try a dry cleaning solvent Or apply ice cubes to the spot and scrape off.
    Updated: 11/26/11
Red signs Mean Danger Updated:11/21/11 Mark the caps of all harmful medicine bottles, etc., with red fingernail polish to teach children that they mean danger.
    Updated: 11/21/11
Cutting Bangs Updated:11/21/11 To cut bangs evenly, place apiece of scotch tape across the child's bangs and cut above the tape.
    Updated: 11/21/11
Ironing Tip Updated:11/21/11 * When pressing pants, iron the top part on the wrong side. Iron the legs on the right side. This gives the pockets and waistband a smooth look. * Rather than iron blue jeans, pillowcases, sheets, towels, etc., just fold neatly and sit on th
    Updated: 11/21/11
Saving Children's Drawings Updated:11/21/11 Spray drawings and artwork with hairspray to keep colors from fading and smudging.
    Updated: 11/21/11
Warm Bed Updated:11/21/11 Put a heating pad set on low on baby's crib mattress after you pick him up for his nighttime feeding. His bed will be nice and warm after the feeding and he'll settle down to sleep more quickly. Be sure to remove the pad.
    Updated: 11/21/11