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Need Car ride ride share/car pool Eden Prairie Updated:1/24/20 Hi, I am looking for pick up and drop off for my kid, Mon ,Wed ,Fri (8:50 pick up and 12:00 drop off) from Fountain place apartment to St.Andrew preschool. Please send me msg if anyone interested. Thanks.
ride share/car pool Eden Prairie Updated: 1/24/20
Need ride from MN to Chicago (ORD) on Jan 30-2020 ride share/car pool eagan Updated:1/24/20 Hi, I am looking for ride or I will drive from MN to Chicago (ORD) airport , let me know in case anyone is travelling or interested from MN-Chicago ON 29th JAN 2020 (evening ). Shwetha G H 925 302 9631.
ride share/car pool eagan Updated: 1/24/20
Need ride to Chicago on 01/24 ride share/car pool Updated:1/24/20 I need a ride from Minneapolis to Chicago on Friday 01/24, also need ride on Sunday 01/26 from Chicago to Minneapolis. Let me know. Please send me an email
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/24/20
Chess Lessons for Kids (FREE Trial Offered) training/tutor wanted Updated:1/23/20 Would you like to -Develop your kid's intellect and thinking skills from the safety and comfort of your own home. -Beam with pride as your child improves their scores in school month after month -Watch your child gain confidence as he is a
training/tutor wanted   Updated: 1/23/20
MSP to Chicago ride share/car pool Updated:1/23/20 Planning to start on Friday( Jan 31,2020 ) Evening ( MSP to Chicago) and Back on Sunday(Feb 2,2020) Evening  ( Chicago to MSP). Let me know if anybody wants to join ( Of course Free of Cost).
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/23/20
Nanny needed for 2 year old near downtown MSP child care wanted Updated:1/23/20 Hi We are looking for a nanny for our 2 year old son 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) starting March 2, 2020. We live close to downtown Minneapolis. Timings 8.30 am to 5 pm. Please email me if this works for you Thanks
child care wanted   Updated: 1/23/20
Ride to Iowa/Cedar Rapids from Minneapolis ride share/car pool Updated:1/23/20 Looking for someone, would like to share the Ride to CedarRapids/Iowa from Minneapolis on 25Jan 9AM CT Call me on 612 963 5284
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/23/20
Carpool/Rideshare from Eagan to downtown ride share/car pool Updated:1/23/20 I am driving to work from Eagan to downtown and looking for carpool mates . Please drop me an email if you are interested
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/23/20
Car pool available from mn to Dallas saturday01/25 ride share/car pool Updated:1/21/20 Hi, I am driving from mn to Dallas on Saturday.  I can change my travel to Sunday if any one join for car pool and those need to drive as well  6085150523
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/21/20
Car pooling from Downtown Minneapolis to St Paul ride share/car pool Updated:1/21/20 Hi friends. This is Kiran. I am providing  Car pool from Downtown Minneapolis (17 S 1st St) to St Paul (1430 Maryland Ave E).  Monday - Friday: Pick up time: Between 8am & 8:15am Drop time: Between 5pm& 5:15pm Car: BMW
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/21/20
Seeking Caranatic violin/vocal/nattuvangam lessons other Minneapolis Updated:1/19/20 Hello-- We are looking for regular, individual or group Caranatic music lessons for my 8-year-old daughter in the Karaikudi/ Kalakshetra tradition. She has been taking violin lessons in the Suzuki tradition for nearly 4 years--we wanted to start C
other Minneapolis Updated: 1/19/20
Car Mechanic other Updated:1/19/20 Hi, I am looking for a car Mechanic who can fix check Engine light. If you have pointers to any reliable mechanic, that helps too .  Thanks
other   Updated: 1/19/20
Need carpool to, Plymouth ride share/car pool Roseville Updated:1/18/20 Hi, † † I'm looking for carpool from Roseville to plymouth three times a week preferably weekdays. If anyone interested please let me know, will share expenses.
ride share/car pool Roseville Updated: 1/18/20
Need Car pool from Fountain place to Washington Av ride share/car pool Updated:1/18/20 Hi I need to carpool/ride share from Monday to Friday from Fountain Place-Primrose lane to Washington Avenue ,Blooming ton. Please email me to contact me at 929-398-2926.
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/18/20
Looking Car Mechanic other Updated:1/17/20 Hi, I am looking for a car Mechanic who can fix car brakes. Please reach me on 763-234-6368.  Thanks
other   Updated: 1/17/20
Looking for ride share/car pool(pick up and drop ) ride share/car pool Updated:1/16/20 Hi, I am looking for a ride for my child, preferably both ( pick up and drop off) , Mon -Wed - Fri (9:15 pick up and 12:00 drop off) from† Arrive apartment to Little eagles preschool. Please send me msg if anyone interested. Thanks.
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/16/20
Need a travel companion from Delhi to MN in Feb travel companion Updated:1/16/20 My mother is traveling from Delhi to Minneapolis in the month of feb .She is first time traveler. So we are looking for a travel companion for her. If anyone is coming from Delhi and can help then please email me. 
travel companion   Updated: 1/16/20
Driving to Chicago from Minneapolis on 1/16 ride share/car pool minneapolis Updated:1/16/20 Driving to Chicago on Friday Jan 17  and will be back on the 20th evening. Let me know if someone wants to join.
ride share/car pool minneapolis Updated: 1/16/20
Kitchen help wanted child care wanted Updated:1/16/20 Hi , I'm looking for someone who can help me around kitchen , weekends is ok. Please contact by responding to this message.
child care wanted   Updated: 1/16/20
Ride share from Plymouth to St cloud State Univers travel companion Updated:1/15/20 Hi All, I am looking for people who are traveling from Plymouth to St cloud State University on regular basis. If yes, please contact me via email Thanks, Varsha
travel companion   Updated: 1/15/20
Cooking and kitchen help other Plymouth Updated:1/15/20 Hi, I am looking for someone who can come to my home a few times a week and help with cooking as well as kitchen clean up. Timings and days are flexible. Great opportunity for a stay at home mom if you are looking for extra cash. 
other Plymouth Updated: 1/15/20
Looking for home help with cooking and cleaning home help wanted Plymouth Updated:1/14/20 I am looking for help with cooking and houseHold cleaning as soon as possible. We can talk about hourly rates or other options.  Cooking thrice a week and cleaning once a week. This will be few hours s. day.  Please email me if you ar
home help wanted Plymouth Updated: 1/14/20
Looking for a regular pool player other Updated:1/14/20 Hi, I am looking for someone who plays pool regularly. NOT looking for 1st time players or absolute begineers. There's a place in Hopkins with decent tables. Planning to play on the weekends. E-mail me at if anyone is interes
other   Updated: 1/14/20
Need carpool Eden prairie to France Ave ride share/car pool Updated:1/13/20 I am looking for a ride share with someone who travels from Eden prairie to France Avenue from Monday through Friday. My office is right beside the exit on 494 at exit 6. It is easy to drop off. Please let me know if you want to share your ride. I a
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/13/20
Travel companion from Hyderabad to msp travel companion Updated:1/13/20 Hello.. I am looking for a travel companion for my parents travelling from Hyderabad to February 2020. I dint book the tickets yet.if anyone planning will book the tickets accordingly. Contact me :
travel companion   Updated: 1/13/20
Need a live in Nanny / Baby Sitter child care wanted Shoreview Updated:1/13/20 Hi, I have 4 month old kid and†I am looking for a female Nanny. I live in shoreview. I will provide food n shelter and treat like my own family. All I need is to take care my kid. I go to office 4 days in a week from 9AM† to 5PM. Once after i come
child care wanted Shoreview Updated: 1/13/20
Need a car ride ride share/car pool Plymouth Updated:1/13/20 Need a car ride from Minneapolis to Chicago on Jan 17th. 
ride share/car pool Plymouth Updated: 1/13/20
Need a shred ride from Plymouth to Optum EP ride share/car pool Plymouth Updated:1/12/20 Hi,   I'm currently looking for a shared ride from Plymouth to Optum EP daily (Monday to Friday). So can you please let me know if anyone can give me a ride. Thanks in Advance.
ride share/car pool Plymouth Updated: 1/12/20
car ride to Chicago ride share/car pool minneapolis Updated:1/12/20 I am looking for shared car ride to Chicago. is there anyone travelling to Chicago 1. Minneapolis to Chicago on Thus   16th Jan. 2. Chicago to Minneapolis on Sunday(19th Jan) or Monday 20th Jan.
ride share/car pool minneapolis Updated: 1/12/20
Anyone coming from Hyderabad to MSP general question Updated:1/12/20 Hi,     Is anyone coming from Hyderabad to Minnesota? I need some help in bringing some stuff (very light weight).    Thanks in advance.
general question   Updated: 1/12/20